A little advice

Hi, I’m not an expert.
I purchased a Huawei b628-265 lte modem.
I will use it with my SIM card.
I would like to use openwrt, so I look for another modem to connect with a LAN cable and send the Wi-Fi signal with this.
I think it's possible to do that, right?
In that case, could you recommend a modem that is simple to configure, reliable and cost little to use? Thank you

It is, and you don't need a modem, but a router.

Thanks for the clarification. Which router do you recommend I take?

depends on your requirements, but I'd get a WAX206, because it's easy to flash, recover, and flash back to stock.

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I'm happy with this (the only advice is to install Openwrt 23.05-rc2) because it simplifies the configuration:

AVM FRITZ!Box 4040

How does that compare with RT3200 in terms of CPU and WiFi range?

It's the same SoC, but they say the antennas are better in the 206.
Never owned the 3200, it's only what I've read at the forum.

My plan is 300/150mbps.
This is the max speed I can reach.
I have to cover 90 square meter.
It the range is not important.
I’ll use it with my tv
And I don’t think it will be difficult to reach other rooms.
I can do it with the hotspot of the smartphone.

I think this could be a good solution.
The price used is good.
Around 40€.
I wanted to spend 20-30€.
But 40 can be ok.

if you don't need the ports, and simply want to transmit the wifi signal, get a DAP-X1860, they're currently 30€, but have been as low as 15€.

I'm in Italy. I don't find it used with cheap price.
I find the FRITZ!Box more convenient.
Do you have some other advice, so I'll buy the most convenient when I'll find it in used market?
Thank you.

Don't know what's cheap in IT, but the Mercusys MR70X usually is across Europe.
Since you "only" have 300mbit, an AC2600 device would work too, see what's available on ebay.