A firewall more graphically edited (mangle)

Hello developers I thank you for developing such great firmware ... I live in Cuba and here the internet is a difficult thing to obtain. I use a Tp-pharos510 with openwrt to connect to a hotspot of the only ISP that exists in this country that by login gives you 2mbps. Now the proposal that lrs bring is this: RouterOS of Mikrotik brings a Firewall that can be graphically edited the mangle and many more options ... with that firmware I can make multiple connections to the hotspot obtaining a multilogin and through some rules in the prerouting create a addreess-list and divide the lan network so that they go through different wwan. If you develop this mikrotik firewall that is graphically edited, it would be great. For me in what is connection issues the openwrt is the one that has worked best for me.