8devices Jalapeno + PPPOE Centurylink

Was searching here, google and reddit but could not find an answer to this. We are moving and going to centurylink 100/10 service. It is a bonded service so I need there modem which will be in transparent mode.

As I understand I need to setup PPPOE on my openwrt router which is a 8devices Jalapeno, an instruction I read was to tag the switch vlan 201, well I have no switch on this device and my current switch is just a dumb one.

How would I set this up on a Jalapeno, do I just need the login credentials since it has only one wan and one lan port?

See https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wan/isp-configurations for a number of examples.

These all look to be for a lantiq device and none of the configurations are for US providers.

Roughly half of them are not lantiq specific, and the examples are generic enough for everywhere. Yes, you will have to use a different VLAN number, but that doesn't change the principle.

Have you tried setting up a wan with proto pppoe and physical interface eth1.201? There is another chip in between the CPU and the Ethernet ports but it is likely not going to need re-configuration.

The WAN port of the router should be connected directly to the modem.

I have not yet. Our service arrives May 4th and I just wanted to be ahead of it when it gets here.