802.1x TpLink Archer c50 v4

Hey there,

I recently bought a TpLink Archer v4. I intended to buy a
V1 but somehow ended up with that v4. Anyways since I am living in a studentsplace I need to get a 802.1x authentication in order for my internet to work. So far I flashed the boot.bin and then when trying to flash the recovery.bin it somehow never worked since I couldn't establish a connection via tftp. So I tried just to move up to the next step to flash the sysupgrade. I logged in via winssh and copied the snapshot over then used the command. Router restarted and that was basically it. The version I flashed though had no luci, graphical interface. And since I don't really know how to config the router via ssh I don't even know if he would be working properly. Now I did some research on configuring the router via ssh for 802.1x,but all those required my router to have an actual internet connection so I could download some packages on it. Now I can't simply plug him into the wall since it would need Auth, also people suggested me to give my router a Hotspot via smartphone, but also I was just shown how to do this in the Ui.
I really read and read, didn't really know much about routers but I tried hard on my own, but I need some help now. Please tell me what to do.
Can if give my router a Hotspot via ssh and my phone, so I can download luci?
Can I download the packages manually from a friend's pc and then install them on the router via ssh?

Router TpLink Archer c50 v4(.1but I heard that doesn't matter)
Pc: win 10 (just a friends one since mine broke)

Needed: 802.1x Auth

The boot.bin you used/created probably didn't include LuCI. Latest development snapshots do not include LuCI btw.

fwiw, OpenWrt 19.07 includes LuCI. RC1 is available:

Copy it to /tmp folder using WinSCP or similar tool. Then SSH into the router and use sysupgrade command to install it.

sysupgrade -n /tmp/openwrt-19.07.0-rc1-ramips-mt76x8-tplink_c50-v4-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

You may then be able to use LuCI to configure C50v4 to connect wirelessly to hotspot on your phone or a windows laptop, and download any extra packages.

For reference: