802.11w Management Frame Protection makes lan clients not see each other

is this normal?
I thought that "Isolate Clients" setting was supposed to do that?
when I select "802.11w Management Frame Protection" as optional the clients on wifi cant ping each other.

router : linksys 1200ac
os : 19.07 snapshot

No, it's not normal. In the link below, it's missing the note that IPv6 also doesn't work with 802.11w.

The chance of this getting fixed is slim to none.

Belkin, Linksys' parent company has been bought by Foxconn. Marvell's wireless division has been bought by NXP semiconductors.

As a side note, in the future - WPA3 (due to it's requirement for 802.11w) may work, but will gimp functionality.

thank you.

I have heard about the linksys issue but didnt know it was this bad.

I only bought the linksys because I saw that is was advertised on web as a openwrt compatible and so I didn't need to solder and do other things to the board.( had a bad experience with bad sector on tplink router from I think direct flash, but maybe it was not related).

btw this means that I cant have wpa3 normally and not expect bugs right?
so this router (and other from linksys like this) are dead in the water from the development of wifi and fixing bugs point of view?

I like the duel boot partition option in this router so I am reluctant to replace it now (no other router outside linksys does that expect one zyxel, i think)

I live in a third world country so I dont have that much access to custom boards but is my experience correct that more advanced users are abandoning customer commercial router?

specially now that mini computers (Rpi and so on) are more present and wifi and mobile (5g) are going convergent and we can expect more semi-standards to emerge fast in few years.
even my current router (1200ac) doesn't cover my small home and I get really weak signal and now it seems that I wont get new software standards at all.

the only thing that I think is a good compromise between the naked board and commercial but packages router in the Turris MOX or omnia brand. if that doesnt pan out for my next router I probably go for a board.

any suggestions for boards with good ram and cpu that at least their wifi is not soldered on??

dual boot, even if wifi comes up short, it is a performant router, just add an outboard AP.

i have seen the duel boot part (from luci-app-dual boot(or advanced boot) read me file.)

from duel boot page you can see that they are all linksys which seems to be abandoned (or at least Marvell wifi part).
so maybe I should go with EA8500? but if I go with that I dont get any upgrade over my current router expect wifi drivers. it has the same ram flash cpu and usb capacity as the wrt ones.

but because I am trying to run torrent and stuff on the router and power off my computer so I think my next router needs more RAM , so at least 1G or maybe even 2G.

for example I tried to run sycnthing program on router but when it transfers data it uses ram and more bandwidth it uses the more ram it needs. thus I need more ram and I think that I need to go the board way.

if I was not in a 3rd world country I would have gone the board way with no regrets but because I dont have access to all the parts (for example I cant simply order a pci-wifi card) I have to make sure first.

but thanks for the answer.

dont go that road. it will be pain.
invest in a capable vm-host (eg. a used enterprise desktop computer) or separate devices for critical infrastructure and others/misc.

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I used to have odroid xu4 for exactly this but I wanted lower power and less devices running and because my router had a lot of ram (512M) I though why not.

but maybe you are right and I should go back to odroid if I want to have an stable router and not worry about an app messing with router and hanging it.