802.11s Question about multiple wans

Hi there
I have a 802.11s mesh working, but got curious about something

Imagine that I have 3 aps in a 802.11s mesh, roaming and all that

But then i add another one, except this one is plugged to another internet, something like this:

            +------+                    +------+                                      
            |WAN 1 |                    |WAN 2 |                                      
            +------+                    +------+                                      
               |                           |                                          
               |                           |                                          
+------+   +------+   +------+          +------+                                      
|AP 02 |   |AP 01 |   |AP 03 |          |AP 04 |                                      
|MySSID|   |MySSID|   |MySSID|          |MySSID|                                     -
|      |   |      |   |      |          |      |                                      
+------+   +------+   +------+          +------+   

What happens? Do the mesh automagically choose the best route for internet based on what is nearer or whatever? or do I have to set each ap to each wan?

Thank you, have a nice weekend.

An 803.11s mesh is a layer 2 network.
To put it simply, you can consider the mesh as a virtual ethernet switch.
In your example the result will be exactly the same as connecting two internet routers to a switch.
ie you will get ip address conflicts, dhcp failures etc etc.
To make this work you would need to run a suitable Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) for your layer 3 (IP) network.

You will not do have automatically IP conflicts. If you have a central DHCP server or choose manually assigned addresses, everything is cool. You could also setup keepalived on both wan router and get sort of fail over. Totally depends on the actual setup.

Thanks for all the answers guys.