802.11s mesh throughput


I have implemented a mesh backhaul on 5 Dlink routers with 802.11s mesh protocol and everything work out perfect however the throughput measurements performed with iperf tool indicates much lower throuhput (maximum around 18 Mbps) between routers on mesh setup in comparison with that of normal access point client scenario (non mesh setup around 90 Mbps) . can ayone explain this difference?

in the mesh setup when the "iw dev mesh-interface station" is executed the expected throughput is around 26 Mbps but in iperf its around 18Mbps. can anyone also clarify why this is the case and which throuput is the real throughput ?

Any guide and explanation would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advace


I have recently been messing around with 802.11s and having troubles the Archer c7v2 .
I was curious which D-Link you are using and if you are running AP on the same radios as the mesh.
Forgot to ask is your mesh also encrypted ?

Hey cititechs

The model of my Dlink routers are DIR 825 v. C1 .
My mesh is running on the 5 GHz interface for the backhauling and 2.4GHz interface is to provide end devices with an internet accesss
and yes my mesh is encrypted with Authsae protocol.

Hi, can you post your configuration, steps to make it done and your findings, it would be really useful:

Thanks in advance.