802.11s mesh observations

My main router is a Dlink DIR-822. The WiFi has been problematic in our upstairs bedrooms towards the back of the house. Wiring a cable was not possible so I setup an 802.11s mesh with a spare DIR-859 A3. Both routers are running 23.05.0.

  1. Setting up the mesh using the 5Ghz radios, I was unable to get them to associate - even with no other APs or SSIDs defined. Using the 2.4GHz it all works fine. The 5GHz radios work fine in AP mode. For 5Ghz, the 822 has a MediaTek MT7615E and the 859 has a Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880.

  2. Over the 2.4 mesh, it seems to be functioning properly. My laptop, originally connected downstairs to the 822, when moved upstairs, within a few minutes switched over to the 859 - perfect. I noticed with my phone (Pixel 8) however that I can be sitting in the same room as the 859 and it will remain on the 822. If I toggle the WiFi off and on, then it goes right to the 859. Why do some devices switchover sooner than others? The Pixel 8 does have notably stronger WiFi than my laptop.