802.11r Fast Roaming/Transition


just deploying a openwrt only network and wonder if I could use 802.11r without any downsides?

I have WDS repeater (ap/clients) in my setup - does 802.11r work with it?

Also any specially hardware requirements needed?


The main router (down ride) is a tp-link n600, the two wired ones are tp-link cpe 210, the ap down left is a avm 1750e - all of the former running openwrt 21.02.2 and one with a older openwrt (4/32 :muscle:) on top right.

The client devices need to support it.

Ongoing thread on 802.11r -

I see. Most of my clients don't support it actually. Could I activated anyways and the few clients I have that support will than do faster transitions without causing any problems to the other clients that don't support it?

Technically 802.11r is optional and shouldn't harm non-compliant clients, in practice some (broken) clients still don't like its presence (with varying symptoms, like ignoring the network).

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