802.11r (fast roaming ) and DAWN band-steering


I love openwrt but one thing that does bug me is to have a reliable and steady network throughout our home. Its 2000 sq.ft with Dry walls.

I have a few openwrt devices set up as dumb wireless AP and wanted to implement 802.11r.

I have searched forum and it appears that we can leave the defaults for all values except change to DS over AIR. It also appears that for it to function well, I will need to install DAWN on each roaming AP. So I have a few doubts:

  1. Is DAWN required/recommenced for 802.11r to function well?

  2. From the wiki page for DAWN, I need to add few lines to each roaming SSD on each device where I have roaming set and dawn installed. I am in PST (Pacific time) and for the reboot to work effectively at specified time, I have NTP client and servers enabled. The lines for dawn are specified as:

      option bss_transition '1'
      option wnm_sleep_mode '1'
      option time_advertisement '2'
      option time_zone 'GMT0'
      option ieee80211k '1'
      option rrm_neighbor_report '1'
      option rrm_beacon_report '1'

If all my time zone is set to PST / Los angles on all devices, is it OK for me to leave option time_zone to 'GMT0' on all the roaming AP?

Please help.


11r works very well (at least for me), without DAWN.
do however remember, roaming is a client decision/feature.


The same result with you. In fact, I don't know what use DAWN has. OpenWRT has good support for 802.11kvr based on the 20.xx version.

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802.11r works flawlessly without dawn.


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