802.11k tutorial

is there any tutorial to configure 802.11k in openwrt? i need a open network (no wifi security), 802.11r require wifi security. so i need 802.11k

please help me.

802.11k is no replacement or alternative for 802.11r, it merely helps the client to make better informed roaming decisions (channel utilization, etc.). It is merely an extension to a 802.11r network, a further optimization step, it doesn't shorten the handover, nor makes it seamless.

ok then is it possible to open network (no wifi security) with 802.11r? once upon a time, i had used it with dlink router (DWL-2100AP). Each other's mac addresses were written to the routers that would roam. see picture.

i dont know what 802.11 it is.

WDS is not 802.11r and the picture doesn't seem to have anything related to 802.11r. Did you post a wrong picture or are you confused about WDS?