802.11ax wifi AP mPCI-E cards

I forgot about Airetos completely, will check with them whats the lead time

Even that FN-Link is now in most of the places (including Alibaba) out of stock (maybe single pieces here and there, some are still available on Taobao).

Yes, QCA639x is a budget option, but that FN-Link is a really bad one with 11 dBm only.
I have seen others that claim 16 dBm or more.

It's not the M.2 that's the issue on QCN907x but rather the fact that they require 5V which is not present on M.2 or Mini PCI-E at all, so you cant just plug it in.

do we need such power consumption? can they just make something like this wle1216v5-20 regarding the power consumption?

QCN9074 draws up to 16W, so no.
They cant pull nowhere near that from the standard M.2 or Mini PCI-E, so they need the external 5V.

It should but I haven't tried that.

Yes but not the "R" version (regular M.2 2230 size). In my case anything bigger/wider just won't fit :frowning:

Of course you can! All I have seen so far (most of them are based on QCA reference design), provide additional input for external 5 V, see in the right top corner:

And left top corner here:

@pepe2k I meant that it won't work by simply plugging it into an existing slot not that you cant physically do that.

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from where(link) i can order one mniPCIE Airteos E63?

From the link in the post you just quoted :slight_smile:

8devices has launched QCN9074 based mPCIe cards:

Seems to be much more cheaper than the compex cards.

And codico has also a QCA6391 based card in the shop (available soon...)

Pineapple is nowhere near done and won't ship for a while.
Those Compex cards are not in stock at Codico, I already tried buying some.

5 MT7915AN in stock: https://www.asiarf.com/shop/hot-sales/wifi6-4t4r-dual-bands-selectable-mpcie-card-ieee802-11ax-ac-a-b-g-n-2-4g-5ghz-aw7915-np1/

this looks promising! i hope there is driver available in latest kernel. Seems that power output is a little bit low then https://airetos.voxmicro.com/product/e63-evaluation-board-kit/.
Split shipping anyone:-)?

Its just QCA6390, so it should work with ath11k and 5.10.
I was looking into them, but somebody said that they just now shipped their preorder from June.

Sister thread: https://forum.turris.cz/t/wifi-6-ax-adapter/10390/61

Seems nobody is really ready with proper minipcie cards.

You should add "for AP mode".

ASIA_RF response:

Yes, it is mt7915a dualband selectable MU-MIMO card which can work at 4x4 2.4G (1200Mbps) or 4x4 5G(2400Mbps). If you use R64 with two 7915 cards, it can become ax3600 router (1200+2400).

For dualband concurrent mode, mt7915d can be configured as 2x2 5G(1200) + 2x2 2.4G(600). It means we can have ax1800 concurrent router by only use 1 pcie slot.

AsiaRF has plan to have such card in the future. (chip is mt7915d with different pcb board)

wallys has launched QCN9074 based mPCIe cards
16094093740b3b9ebf9991cd38f701dd9ca1c7d849.pdf (wallystech.com)


is this thread dead? or it moves somwhere?

Are you still looking for any such? As I do have a few available and could send a few along quickly if you are still in need.

Yeah, I have got any new ath11k compatible cards.
Do you maybe have QCN9074 as well?