802.11ax wifi AP mPCI-E cards

Sorry, you do or you don't? Anyway, the ones I have would be the following:


No, not really. They are kinda pricey (> USD 100.- single pieces), require special powering, are huge and then also come in 3 different flavours: 2.4 GHz only, 5 GHz only or 6 GHz only (;-p).

Yes, I am interested.
Can you send me a PM with the price?

EmWiCon also has 802.11ax modules available or at least planned 4T4R and 3T3R:

Datasheet: https://www.eurocomposant.fr/pub/media/pdf/WMX7402-3-Datasheet_v0.2.4.pdf

has anyone seen or heard of half height mpcie 4x4 ax cards for client use? So far I have only found the Intel based ax200 and ax210 mpcie half height cards, but they are only 2x2.

I guess I could use full size card with n mpcie riser and a 6 inch extension cable going to a mpcie slot at the end and locate the card where my dvd use to go, but that seems....so....messy.....ugh I don't like messy.

So with those mpci-e card, is there any usb adapter board that do work with them ? I only found adapter with sim card slot.. more suit for 4g radio.. And at end, by being on usb, is the unit QCA9984 will then need special pakage for the usb as well .. ?