802.11ax Routers

So I guess the comments about Qualcomm AX not ready for testing yet also applies to IPQ8072+QCN5024/QCN5054 in this device (which has 2.5gbE)?


Is the issue the Qualcomm drivers (or lack thereof) or a lack of developers that have time or know how to work on it? Mostly curious, looking for ways to help...

ipq8071a and ipq8072a are part of the same target, so any improvement for the ax3600/ ipq8071a directly benefits other devices of this target as well. However additional steps will be needed to support the other family members (frequency/ voltage points, etc. - the ipq8071a is a stripped down and downclocked entry level variant of this SOC family), so it's not a trivial device addition. Chances for the non-a variants of this SOC family are not looking great though (apparently not supported by ath11k).

While ax3600 support is actively being worked on again (and starting to look rather promising), it's not quite merge-ready at this point and still requires further development - follow the ax3600 thread for the details.

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Which hardware is best supported generally and most likely to be the first one out with working AX in OpenWrt? I know various progress has been made but I really like the R7800 AC router since it's so easy to work with from a user perspective, any AX device like that might get support in the near future?

Well, there is already the Belkin RT3200 aka Linksys E8450.


OK, for some reason they're not available here at all... (yet)

There are quite many Netgear routers tho' and some Asus and TP-Link too.

@slh directly wrote above you:

Yeah, for some reason the Linksys E8450 router is not yet available in Europe. (UK version seems to be there, but it likely has the wrong power plug)

The router looks interesting, although the absence of wifi antennas likely decreases the wifi range.

Yes, but while the AX3600 is still rather experimental the E8450 got merged a while ago (albeit past the 21.02 branching so it is only available in snapshots so far).

BTW: I do actually have both of them running in my lab quite nicely.

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Quick search from the TOH entry:

If I read it correct no 11ax support for now and some hundreds of messages about this Mediatek device.

Compared to thousands of messages and active development about Xiaomi AX3600.

To me it seems the OpenWrt ecosystem about QCA 11ax is a lot more promising.

Promising how?

Thousands of messages because the 3 people working on it like to chat regularly and bounce ideas off each other.

Hundreds of messages about the other because the support has been done outside the public stage of the forum.

Not really a valid metric for measuring either one.

11ax does work on rt3200/e8450. It is just not supported by LUCI (yet...).


You got it actually wrong. E8450/RT3200 is much more ready, while AX3600 is still under development / reverse engineering.

the basic 802.11ax support in OpenWrt (including LuCI GUI) is still under development, so none of the routers has full AX support in GUI, yet.


promising for a 11ax successor to 11ac ath10k devices like wave 1 TP-Link Archer C7 v2, wave 2 Netgear R7800.

The ecosystem consisting of the number of users with tweaking and development activity is important for the future device support.

Thank you. Both routers are available in the EU, 111 Euro for Xiaomi AX3600 and 150 Euro for Belkin RT3200.

You can get the AX3600 for much less than 100 EUR, they regularly pop up for around 60 EUR.


Really? A non-UK version for EU?
Where? can you provide a link? (So far I have only found the UK version, which I suspect to have the wrong power plugin)

It’s not in stock in the EU sellers at this time: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B08L4PJKKB

the green in stock marking from the price comparison service is not up to date.

Amazon UK says it has one unit in stock.

In the offer:


It’s the UK version sold in the EU.

Yeah, I guess all here including me got their E8450 units off eBay.

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The xiaomi AX6 is like £35-40 and is ipq8071a based and runs of basically the same image as the AX3600 (bar some WiFi changes).

But again the ipq807x stuff is very experimental and getting it into OpenWRT mainline will take some time

Edit, prices are up slightly but ...


Hagglezon lists Belkin RT3200 on amazon.co.uk for 79gbp (about 92eur) but because UK is outside of EU, getting it to Germany or Ireland or anywhere else would probably incur some cost. amazon.de and others have it for around 150. Linksys E8450 seems non-existent in Europe (if you find it, let me know and post a link).