60 GHz: Hostapd auto-configuration?

I wanted to add upstream support for 60 GHz wireless driver wil6210.
After adding needed changes to Kernel Makefiles the driver is compiled and loaded.
But, the hostapd configuration is completely wrong. It shows that hwmode=11a and stuff like this... Someone an idea/commit/... that helps me to understand how to change the autoconfiguration of hostapd?

Its already waiting merging for 2 months now.

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Please get the stuff upstream! :smiley:
That would be awesome. I gave you a +1 :wink:
Or maybe we can just decouple the SoC stuff from the driver?

linux-firmware: Add wil6210 firmware 
mac80211: Add wil6210 driver
mac80211: Add 802.11ad support
base-files: wifi: Add 802.11ad support

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