5x speed improvement with no RSSI improvement

I did a broadband speed comparison between an ISP router, running ISP's default firmware and a high-end recent router with beamforming technology, running openWrt.

The improvement in download speed, at a distance of about 8 meters, through thick wall, was much stronger than I expected.

ISP provides 100 Mb download.
on ISP router : RSSI about -70 dBm, download speed 0.8 Mb/s
on openWrt router : RSSI about -66dBm, download speed 4 Mb/s

  1. I am assuming the beamforming technology's effect is fully represented in the RSSI, is that correct?
  2. Is the RSSI imprvement of about 4 dBm responsible for most of this 5x speed improvement?
  3. Or is there some other crafty magic there?

Speed depends also on noise level, quality and calibration of internal radio hw and algorithms that select modulation type, channel width, etc.

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