5GHz with DFS ad-hoc network on ath9k

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know how to setup a ad-hoc network on 5GHz for outdoor frequency range on ath9k chip? I can setup the network on the indoor frequency channels. On channels: 36 40 44 48 works.

As you need a fixed channel for ad-hoc I wouldn't use a DFS channel because if a channel change is needed due to DFS regulation, your wireless connection will be broken.


I can see in the source code that, ad hoc is support in DFS mode. but don't know how to set the config

You misunderstood.

If you configure your mash to a channels that uses DFS and a radar is detected, the link will go down.

that's what I mean.

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I asked the one who generated the patch above and here are his answers. Hope it helps those might have the same issue

"using DFS with mesh is currently not possible easily and requires more work which isn't implemented at this point.
I've made a talk some years ago on the topic [1]. Long story short, to make it work properly there is support needed in wpa_supplicant (or similar) and there is also some coordination between mesh participants required so that mesh clouds don't split up to different channels if there is a radar event.

[1] https://www.battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV7/Agenda?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=2014-05-17_wbmv7_DFS.pdf