5ghz turning off randomally

I have Xiaomi gigabit 4A installed with open wrt.
I use it as wireless AP (more specific here)
for some reason after some time 5ghz is turning off by itself and won't turn on again,
only if I disable it from the web interface, and then renable it, it turning on again.

that's how mt76 work
here on this forum people need understand that mt76 are great drivers, but that is really hackers drivers, that is not clear, also mt76 are not drivers for stable routers, you guys take a look for mtk_wifi drivers for every day use.

Try setting channel to 'auto' - if the single channel you specify has interference then it has no option to try another - you've told it to use that channel.

Where can i find the mtk_wifi driver?

can you complile your firmware?