5 target devices have disappeared from lantiq/xway - intentional?

Hi all.

I've just noticed that the following 5 devices have recently disappeared from the current snapshot lantiq xway config.buildinfo.


These 5 devices are present in the 19.07.7 lantiq xway config.buildinfo but they are not present in the current snapshot lantiq xway config.buildinfo.

As I have not yet been able to work out which commit(s) made them disappear, does anyone know whether this is intentional or not?


Might be because the build system detects some issue and deletes the image because it would brick the device.
This happens commonly for devices with 4Mb of flash and the image does not fit anymore or devices where the kernel becomes too big for the kernel partition so the device would become unbootable even if it has large amounts of flash space.

You would need to check the fail logs (I don't know where they are for targets, you can try building locally and see what error you get) and open a bug report or ping a developer about it.

Yeah, I thought the same thing, but the buildbot appears to be happy.


Most of them are here:

And the remaining are here:

Those commits disable the buildbot builds.


that's a very generic overview of things that will show failed only if the build for the whole target fails, not if some devices can't be built but most others are OK.

afaik we would need to see the actual build logs like there are for packages. https://openwrt.org/infrastructure#build_matrix

or try with a local build for that device only

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