5 GHz radio not detected (Mikrotik hap ac)

First time openwrt installer here. My router is a Mikrotik hap ac:


I was able to boot the vmlinux-initramfs.elf file from tftp. Most things seemed to work fine, but the wireless didn't seem to detect the 5 GHz radio. I've seen other posts where others indicated that the 5 GHz was not associated, but it still shows up in the list. However, in my case, another radio doesn't show up and the relevant logs don't seem to even indicate that there was an attempt to bring up the second radio.

My hope is that the problem will fix itself when I flash the router, but I'm not particularly optimistic that will happen. Is this a regression in the latest release? Am I simply misunderstanding the openwrt interface?

Any help is appreciated.

post your bootlog

you need to include kmod-ath10k and related fw package

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Thanks, psyborg. I believe that the problem was due to the missing ath10k packages as a result of my own ignorance of the built packages. I think the 5 GHz radio is only supported in the ac packages from the above link. After flashing the correct .bin file, the 5 GHz radio is working properly,

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