5 GHz radio is "not associated" when I make changes in Luci

My R7800 under 18.06.1 goes into a state of " Wireless is not associated" if I make a change to the channel on which the 5 GHz radio is broadcasting (for example change from 64 to 140). I can also trigger it by chancing the width setting (for example from 80 to 40 MHz). I am unable to get the radio back up using the "restart" button in Luci. I am able to get it up by the following from the shell /etc/init.d/network restart Is this a bug?


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I've noticed that after a wireless change, it can take up to 5 minutes for 5GHz WiFi to re-establish.
Running 18.06.1 on a TP-Link Archer C2600

This is normal if you are set to a DFS channel. A workaround is to use a non-DFS frequency.