432 warning infobox update

The old 432 infoboxes are a bit vague about the "limitations" of 432 devices.
Time for an update and to make certain things crystal clear to the readers of the wiki.

Goals of the new 432 infoboxes:

  • make clear, that 4/32 devices should not be bought any more for using them with up-to-date OpenWrt (18.06 onwards)

  • make clear, that “limited” can mean that even setting a password or changing simple network settings might not be possible any more, rendering the device effectively useless

  • make clear that 19.07 will be the last official build for 4/32 devices . After 19.07, no further images will be built for 4/32 devices, i.e. you have to build your own image with the known space saving measures

Feel free to edit https://openwrt.org/inbox/infobox/432_infobox_new so the NEW infoboxes meet the goals shown at the beginning of this page.

Once we agree on a good wording, I will implement the new infoboxes for productive use.


Perhaps should be clear as well that

  • 8/64 isn’t far behind
  • 16/128 as a minimum for new purchases (or as otherwise agreed)
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For the moment we are only talking about the 432 infoboxes.
864 is another story.


I think being forward about it is a better approach instead of giving people a rather unpleasant surprise last minute.

I have updated https://openwrt.org/inbox/infobox/432_infobox_new#new_infoboxes according to the goals.

Quite bulky in comparison to the old ones... :frowning:

@ all: What do you think?

Already good enough to replace the old ones? Clear enough? Can the infobox-text be shortened?

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Given that now it's more than "the writing is on the wall" for 4/32 devices1

  • 19.07 will be the last release with support for 4/32 MB devices
  • The build bots will not generate images for these devices from master any more, support for these devices would be “source only”

targeting stable release in July [2019, for 19.07]

6 month release cycle (+ 6 months from date of creating release branch) - “no matter what” approach

I would strengthen it to provide meaningful guidance for its intended audience, users without deep knowledge of all-in-one routers and the challenges of providing firmware for them

Support for this device will end after 2019 -- Replacement recommended

This device does not have sufficient resources to provide secure, reliable operation.

Devices with less than 16 MByte1 of flash or less than 128 MByte of RAM are not recommended for new purchase.

For additional details, see [insert link here]

1 "Mb" (small "b") may be mega-bit rather -byte. Flash advertised as "32 Mb" is likely only 4 MBytes.

Note that I did not say all support. This is a factual statement. For the target audience of this message, it is effectively that all support will be gone; no more ar71xx, no more pre-built images, ... For those with specific needs and the skills to build their own images, that can be explained on the linked page.

MByte called out, as certain manufacturers are advertising their 4 MByte devices as "32 Mb".

[1] https://openwrt.org/meetings/hamburg2019/start


4/32 forum subsection might help.

given the volume of queries etc. members with privs can slide threads into that section... which has pinned info.

saves... 1000 responses "read wiki" instead we can say "read pinned"...

offers clear differentiation in the support realm, so that it is assumed all that venture there know this.... and as such will hopefully prevent repetition and foster productive outcomes.


I think that also has advantages of keeping the various approaches people have for working with 4/32 devices in one place as well.

  • Image Builder options
  • Build system use and tweaks
  • Flash upgrades
  • Lightweight GUIs
  • ...
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I think there is no point to give such devices an option. @tmomas update is correct. It will be flood of unnecessary problems. Kernel is rolling to 4.19
Advanced users will be still able to build truncated/lightweight builds. This is warning for general public

For once, try to actually get some kind of verification/conformation from "core team". In general it seems to be quite a disconnection between active community and the project itself which hasn't improvied over time...

What disconnection do you see?

If there are no objections (or better proposals), I will change the 4/32 infoboxes from current -> new on the next weekend.


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The new infoboxes have been implemented now.

See how they look in context:

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