432 warning infobox update

Given that now it's more than "the writing is on the wall" for 4/32 devices1

  • 19.07 will be the last release with support for 4/32 MB devices
  • The build bots will not generate images for these devices from master any more, support for these devices would be “source only”

targeting stable release in July [2019, for 19.07]

6 month release cycle (+ 6 months from date of creating release branch) - “no matter what” approach

I would strengthen it to provide meaningful guidance for its intended audience, users without deep knowledge of all-in-one routers and the challenges of providing firmware for them

Support for this device will end after 2019 -- Replacement recommended

This device does not have sufficient resources to provide secure, reliable operation.

Devices with less than 16 MByte1 of flash or less than 128 MByte of RAM are not recommended for new purchase.

For additional details, see [insert link here]

1 "Mb" (small "b") may be mega-bit rather -byte. Flash advertised as "32 Mb" is likely only 4 MBytes.

Note that I did not say all support. This is a factual statement. For the target audience of this message, it is effectively that all support will be gone; no more ar71xx, no more pre-built images, ... For those with specific needs and the skills to build their own images, that can be explained on the linked page.

MByte called out, as certain manufacturers are advertising their 4 MByte devices as "32 Mb".

[1] https://openwrt.org/meetings/hamburg2019/start