4/32 devices as wired modems/switches with aircrack suite?


There exist devices in 4/32 category, that even if ancient are still working from HW perspective. And they were supported by OpenWRT in past. Due to low flash memory they can't contain full distribution...

So I was thinking about a bit different kind of use for them, to act as switches, or access points just for wired, without web interface BUT having aircrack-ng suite, for the use of radio monitoring around the spots where they're placed.

I just wonder if it's doable with some custom made image and if its even worth it and maybe someone did or tried that in past ?

Using them as switches or dump AP is definitely possible: you can build your own image according to what you need (https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/additional-software/imagebuilder).
I still have two old APs (WR841N) and they work perfectly with 19.07.8 (with 802.11r as well).

Aircrack-ng is too big and won't fit on the internal memory (at least on 19.07.8, you might have more luck with older versions, but beware of security, expecially for WiFi), even if you remove the web interface, IPv6, ppp and other things.

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i did just that with a Netgear r6080 that has 8Mb flash, but all the online tutorials for aircrack-ng like : https://www.shellhacks.com/how-to-use-aircrack-ng-wifi-password-hacker-tutorial/
show other tools which are not in opkg repository like airodump-ng and aireplay-ng and Airmon-ng so how to use aircrack-ng when the guides call for other applications which complement it but not in opkg? is there like some special OpenWRT based guide to doing this? I couldn't find one.....

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There is this here. I mean I dont really need the cracking itself, just to be able to monitor and collect data about devices around, maybe for increased capability to detect wireless attacks.

2 functions I need is monitoring and maybe just to be able to send Deauth packets. Dont really need bruteforcing itself.

So it took something 1-2mb of space aircrack-ng with dependencies. But I did this on "TP-Link Archer C7" which is beyond 4/32 its 16/128 I think.

I don't have any idea for why Openwrt Aircrack guide says that 1GB external storage is required, this maybe for using wordlists, but then you can probably use some NAS storage for that. I don't need the bruting part, so its just <2mb. Now that I checked it. So it seems that 4/32 devices are really too small for that.