3G PCI-E module for router unielec u7628-01

Hi there!
I am looking for value 3g/LTE pci-e module for https://openwrt.org/toh/unielec/u7628-01 router. It is based on MT7628 SoC, and has PCI-E on the board.

I am sure that SIM7600CE has to work, because it pictured on the official site .
But I found Sierra MC8805, it costs less, but how can I check that it is supported by this router?

There is only one way to be sure :smiley:

But it is very likely supported. Older mini PCIe modems were pleasantly standard. Problems came with higher power demands, multiple sim slots and usb3.

As for the 8805 - that's a very old modem. I'm not even sure it is LTE? But it should work if you still have a compatible 3G network.

The mt7628 isn't the worlds most powerful soc either..

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@bmork, you are right, it doesn't support LTE.
I found MC7355 with LTE, but it supports only B17.

How do you think, should it work?
Is there something I can check in the specification of the SoC or pci-e module to be more sure? I see that this module supports Dell 1900/2100/850/700 (B17) / 700 model
and doesn't support HP / Lenovo laptops. Interesting, what is the difference between PCI-E in this laptops.

I believe the MC7355 should work fine. It's a nice and well supported module. You should verify that it supports the bands you need. You can get all the docs at source.sierrawireless.com

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@bmork, MC7355 doesn't support B3/B7/B20, so I found another one, BM806U.

I don't know anything about that one, but it looks like it should be supported.

You might also look at the MC7304. This is similar to MC7355 but with bands more suitable for Europe

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MC7304 costs much more:(
I found EM7305, that costs under <20$ and supports B3/B7/B20.
Or EM7345

Yes, much higher demand and most likely lower number sold. And maybe fewer fake "engineering samples?.

EM7305 is fine, but then you need an m.2 to mini-PCIe adapter. Make sure you get the right one, intended for 3G/LTE modems with SIM slot connected to the mini-PCIe slot.

And the antenna connectors will be MHF4 ion the EM7305 nstead of U.FL on the MC modules. Which isn't a problem if you're going to buy new SMA pigtails anyway. Just make sure you get the correct connectors.

The EM7345 is an Intel module. I have one and I don't recommend it. But it will work. Definitely an option of the budget is low and you get one for "free". Needs the same adapter and antenna cables as the EM7305.

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