3g/4g USB Stick for Linksys 1900acs V2 - recommendations?

Hey there!

I was actually researching an old list of compatible 3g/4g USB modems on openwrt site - but I could find it anymore!

can somebody provide a list with all the tested UBS 3g/4g devices with LEDE?



(a) Make sure that whatever you buy works on the band(s) for which you have good coverage
(b) 3G is dying quickly, EOL announced at least here in the US - make sure you've got 4G/LTE capabilities
(c) At least be aware of NAT vs. direct options ("HiLink" vs. "Stick" for one manufacturer)

I personally prefer a mPCIe / M.2 device from a reputable manufacturer in a USB case with good pigtails and antennas over a little stick, but that isn't a cheap option.