3200ACM - Stopped LAN interface w/o thinking. How do i recover?

Hi guys, i think i made my fist booboo. I was attempting to change some settings on my secondary router. My end goal was to convert my 3200ACM into a AP for a separate part of my house with poor connectiviy. I kept getting errors about the new settings not taking and that the router would revert back to previous settings. Well silly me, i decided to STOP the LAN interface, completely oblivious (at the time) to the fact that i was effectively locking myself out. Whats the best course of action to fix this problem?

If no wifi, boot back to the other partition.

can you point me in the direction on how to boot to the other partition? Im still learning the nuances of openWRT.

A number of ways including power switch

Awesome, i will attempt this. It was a very bonehead decision and i knew exactly what i did as soon as i pressed the stop button. Thanks!

the easy way is to reset it by pressing the reset button on the back.

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