30Mhz channel width on Nanostation M2/M5

I, i've just installed LEDE on my Nanostation M2 and i need to connect to an AP working on 30Mhz channel width but i onle have 20/40Mhz on my device. Please help.
Thanks in advance.


The IEEE 802.11 standards define 20 MHz and 40 MHz channel width, 30 MHz are utterly non-standard and not supported.

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OK, so i'wll asume there's not workaround about this right?. If i want 30mhz i will need to revert to AirOS firmware.
Thank you very much

No, there is no workaround - it lacks support in the nl80211 wireless stack, the ath9k kernel module and OpenWrt.

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AirMax is a proprietary protocol, it is not compatible with 802.11 wifi

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