3/4g voice/data/sms

Hi. I have an Alix 2d13 and using it with openwrt for more than 2 years as my router. All i have to say it simply ROCKS!

Since i have dsl disruptions in my area and i am loosing voice and data (Voip broadband), so i invested in a huawei 3g usb stick to provide me with Internet, voice and SMS. The usb stick has been unlocked and currently is on an Asterisk server to check its integrity, but i have only voice and sms.
I have knowledge on how to use the usb stick for Voice and SMS (2 out of 3 services) in an Asterisk, but i have not a clue on how to make all 3 services (Internet, voice, SMS) work. Ideally i would like to have all services from the same usb stick in my router (openwrt in Alix 2d13).

What about simply data and voice? is it feasible? if yes how, please?