25Gb Router / Firewall


Im trying to find a Hardware Router / Firewall for my future 25Gbit Fibre connection (SFP28).
I would prefer a built Appliance instead of building a "PC" myself for this.
Of course it would be great if the power consumption is as low as possible.

Has anyone had experience with this kind of speeds?
and can OpenWRT even handle this?

Help would be much appreciated


You need fully powered full size pcie slot ,then some more 10gbe, that sums up into a PC server.
Yes, 100GbE works in BSD or Linux, you need those with dual GPGPU slots for proper cooling of 30-40W netcard.

You could take a closer look at this one.
It runs RouterOS instead of OpenWrt, but is recommended by Init7 for their 25 GBit/s line.

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I’ve seen this one and unfortunately it can barely handle the speeds on paper. As soon as you have some firewall rules, the speeds drop to around 10G.
Also init7 themselves say it isn’t good at handling 25G.

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After some research i found similar statements regarding the 'not quite as fast' troughput. Init7 themselves state 'up to 15 GBit/s', which isn't really much if you want to use the full speed of a 25GBit/s line.

Is this an official statement from Init7?

For proper handling of 25gig line imho You need some nice x86 hw, like high clock cpu like 12gen intel i3 or above with card like mellanox cx4, plus tnsr or something like this.

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Not official, but the technicians will tell you.

Intel 25GBe adapter will be 500$/€ then you can get 10/5/2.5/gige to your liking.
Memory speed has to be 10x over bandwidth to forward, 3-channel better than 2-channel etc.
Openwrt can do it BUT...
I'd install debian with kvm bridges and use openwrt and all other routing/firewall/monitoring/storageserver etc in sufficient sized VMs.

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Mellanox (now nVidia). Run Debian on them. Not cheap...

Link 1
Link 2

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