22.03.x broken on mvebu/cortexa9 / how to debug

I usually build images myself. since 22.03.0 i am not able to boot any image (neither official nor self compiled) on my clearfog pro (see https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/issues/11661).
I am now wondering if i can somehow get more information what is exactly broken, e.g. checking the first bytes of the working/non-working images. anyone familiar with that and can guide me to the right direction?


Start with this hint.

Build with the master instead.

i already tried the official master build and also a self-built master and self-build 22.03 branch
all broken

btw i guess that the commit was only about the switch, nothing related to uboot, so even if the switch would turn into a hub, it should still boot fine

Without capturing the log over serial you are not gonna get anywhere

thats what i did to create that bugreport
but i still need some instructions how to continue (e.g. write the .kwb from 21.xx to 0x200 of the sd etc.)

SPL clearly got broken somehow, somebody already posted what you should do in the issue.
And please use master as the switch is useless in 22.03 and image generation was intentionally disabled

ok, then i'll switch to master for all further images

unfortunately i am no embedded developer/engineer, but guess this ticket/post can be closed/resolved then. I hope tmn505 can help me to get more information whats broken and how to fix it.

seems like a bug in 2226ca17348663b37f84ea1dde1363e2212860e4, tmn505 helped me a lot to figure out what commit caused that error and the person that pushed it is informed.

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