21.02 on WNDR4300

Hello everyone,
Pretty new on OpenWRT, I was running DD-WRT on my Netgear WNDR4300 since 2015 and I decided to make the switch last year. I'm running 19.07.07 right now and I'm pretty confused by the new releases. The Firmware Selector saying that 21.02.0-rc2 is available for my device, but not the 19.07.07.

But, in the Table of Hardware, its saying that only 19.07.07 is available for the WNDR4300.
I've tried yesterday to install 21.02.0 bin file with sysupgrade and I had to force the installation, and it bricked my device. I had to reinstall 19.07 by tftp.
Is it that 21.02 its not compatible right now with WNDR4300, or it has to do with the target related to ar71 vs ath79 ?
Thank you !

over what exactly?

Directly on top of 19.07.07.

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Apologies... you did sort of state this... but was far apart and not explicit...

I take it you mean rc2... did you keep settings? if so i'd say try again without keeping them... i'm not super familiar with this device... but sometimes a device or two swaps interfaces or such over major versions...

21.02 is still in rc stage... so you can also wait a while... or track down a 21.02-SNAPSHOT link which has a week or so more worth of fixes built in...


Sorry, I should I've been more precise ! Yes I kept settings, I think I will wait a bit for a more stable release then. Thank you !

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