21.02 firmware for Fritzbox 4020

Hello! I was just going to install OpenWRT 21.02 on my Fritzbox 4020(with factory firmware) and looked for the right image. As I looked up
"Table of Hardware: Firmware downloads", I saw only upgrade file, but not the installation file for a device that still runs the factory firmware. There are other devices with the same situation. But as I followed the link from the main page under "current stable series", I there was a file for first-time installation for Fritzbox 4020.

Is there any reason that the file is missing in Table of Hardware: Firmware downloads? Still something not quite right or so?

Another question is, I have v.21.02 rc3 running on Raspberry Pi4. I am very reluctant to reinstall/upgrade it to 21.02. Is there any problem with 21.02 rc3, that it would be better to upgrade? If there is no compelling reason, I would like to leave it as it is.

I will appreciate your info/suggestions!

read the instructions at

Thank you for the reply! I see that in the page you gave me, "Firmware OpenWrt Install" file is not there... but it says "OpenWrt can be installed via the EVA bootloader" and in the description, xxxxx_sysupgrade.bin is used. Does this mean that one can install it for the first time using sysupgrade.bin file as well ?

if that's what the instruction says, then yes ....

O, OK! I just didn't know that it was meant for the first-time installation! Thanks a lot!! Sorry for my ignorance!