21.02.0-rc1 change logs

21.02.0-rc1 is getting builds.





get change log summaries for early testers,
or will the documentation wait for the release?

This is very exciting! I hope https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/releases/goals/21.02 is just out of date and things like DSA and 802.11ax are ready to go for this first RC.

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They aren't.
DSA is in some targets, but LuCI support for DSA is currently only in master, not yet backported to 21.02

And 802.11ax is not yet properly supported even in master, so naturally it isn't in 21.02.


I've puzzled over a few threads to try to figure out how to replicate my current set-up in DSA, but so far I've not understood them well enough to risk taking the home network my family relies upon down for the count.

I'm hopeful functional DSA LuCI support will make it into 21.02rc2. My home gateway ER-X is among the targets converted to DSA and it manages several VLANs for guest, IOT, etc. for the two AP's in the house still on swconfig. I understand DSA is the future, but absent clear documentation on how to set up VLANs and DHCP for same and/or a simple LuCI interface, I'll be sticking with 19.07 and swconfig for my ER-X as long as I can.

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