2 VDSL2 Modem + OpenWrt Router?

I am plan to combine the two DSL lines of me and my grandma.
Actually the telephone jacks are seperatd in the house but we renovate and i want to get them both in the cellar where i have already dupley cat7 wire installed.
In future i want to load balance the two lines because if i and my wife are both in video calls its more laggy.
The vdsl2 modems dont need to support openwrt because loadbalancer would be behind them.
On every floor and when needed in rooms there are tp link 108e installed.
As AP i use xiaomi ax3600 in the middle of the house. only in cellar and loft its little weak.
For telephone my grandma has gigaset ip dect (if necessary i will look for exact model) with voip.
For further future i am plaingn asterisk and voip door bell (and video)
I am running owncloud on old i5 so no need to run any service on modem or router.
Today i use two 7490; but with oem i dont know if i get the perfomance boost i want.
Can you recommend the best price-performance solution?
1.) What modem do you recommend?
2.) What router do you recommend?
3.)Would you do something different?
4.)Do you know a diagnostic tool for 7490?, because i think one of them have trouble with ip resolution.

Let me know yout thoughts of this.
Kind regards

Doing load-balancing properly isn't really trivial - and you will have to do quite complex policy based routing on top, to keep the VoIP/ SIP phone credentials separate. It may be easier to keep separate hardware, and just to distribute the most used devices fairly between the different VDSL connections.

Compared to the OEM firmware running on the 7490, I wouldn't really expect much of a speedup from changing hardware (unless super-vectoring becomes available to you, which the 7490 cannot do), but you would get better management (no double NAT, options for load-balancing and pbr, although -as mentioned- that is quite involved to set up properly).

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What modems would you use?
How would you set the gateways for the devices?
I dont want two seperated networks, for fully access on each device

The big question would be, do you need super-vectoring (which your 7490 does not support) or not?

If there is no super-vectoring (profile 35b) in your street (speeds up to 250/40 MBit/s), you need a modern, new, expensive modem.

If you only need plain vectoring (profile 17b) with speeds up to 100/40 MBit/s, you have a lot more choices at your disposal (including cheap second hand ones, some of which even supported by OpenWrt; well, you only need them to support PPPoE pass-through, OpenWrt or OEM).

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yes we have super vectoring /neighbor has 35b in fritzbox 7590

Would you use 2x zyxel vmg1312-b30a
and an openwrt router behind?

Dont want to use zyxel in bridgemode so i only have one router behind for managing the gateways

What makes you believe that this device supports super-vectoring (hint, it doesn't)?

Personally I'd always want to terminate the PPPoE on the (OpenWrt-) router, as this makes port forwardings and similar massively easier (and avoids double-NAT like situations from the get go).

i thought i have read it.
so any suggestion for modem and router from your side?
i dont know how much ram and Hz a router/modem need to do good performance.

all heavy services are on my unraid server

When I was using VDSL2+vectoring (profile 17b, 100/40 MBit/s), the draytek vigor 130b worked well for me (plain modem, not using it as a router), therefore I'd look at its super-vectoring capable successors (vigor 167) first, but ZyXEL modems aren't bad either.

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That zyxel only has 100Mbps fast-ethernet ports. Other than that it is a relative nice device which (in my case) even performs reasonably well even on noisy links. Broadcom DSL soc, it can be monitored using DSLstats.

But with 7490 already in the house you might want to simply configure these for pppoe passthrough, or if you feel adventurous install OpenWrt on them and configure it as bridged modem (but 7490 support exists only in patches, so expect a rough experience getting things up and running).

I think in one of the threads spmebody got OpenWrt up and running on a supervectoring 7530, but again not convenient to install.

Neither 7490, nor 7530 will be 'easy' options, both requiring (so far-) unmerged pull requests to work, I wouldn't really recommend either of them at this point (unless you're rather familiar with compiling OpenWrt and rebasing PRs).

AVM hasn't supported PPPoE passthrough for a couple of years now, afaik it's still 'possible' to some extent (by doing a factory reset and leaving the Fritz!Box totally unconfigured), but that's an officially unsupported operation for the OEM firmware/ Fritz!OS and will be rather uncomfortable for using two of them as modems in front of a single load-balancing router (you can't configure them, otherwise you lose PPPoE passthrough, but both will try to use for themselves) - it's going to be a mess. That said, the 7490 can only do plain vectoring (profile 17b), not super-vectoring (profile 35b), if you just need the former, there are plenty of other cheap alternatives (with OpenWrt support) available, it makes more sense to reserve the 7490 for the phone needs (IPoE mode, as client behind your OpenWrt router, doing SIP pbx/ ATA and DECT duties) than crippling them to mere modem duties (and going through the pain of keeping track of the unmerged device support).

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Good point!

True, I guess I should have used stronger words to indicate what is possible and what is a good idea here. If money is not a limiting factor getting newer modems seems to be the best way forward... and for profile 35B the only viable way.

So i need to buy new hardware.
What specs should it have?
I don't know how much ram and what processor a modem need.
How much for routing.

Vigor 167
Keenetic Hero DSL KN-2410
tp-link archer vr2100

Old FB for DECT

Using DSL modems provided by the ISP is usually best in terms of compatibility with the network and getting support in case of problems with the line. Especially if they aren't charging you to rent them.

Do you know a isp with openWRT?

VMG4005-B50A supports both super vectoring profile 35B (single line only) and profile 17a with bonding with one modem. I have the option on mine to do so.

Its a modem only as well.

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Almost, according to the Zyxel documentation it offers statefull firewalling so IMHO is rather a single LAN-port router that can also be configured in bridge mode... Good find though, IMHO an attractive unit.

IMHO i would leave the provider's modems and then behind them i would attach the openwrt to do its magic. In my case the provider supports pppoe-passthrough which means that i do not have to mess with interface bridging for the modem, issues with technical support when having issues, etc. I did create 2 interfaces (eth0, eth1) and assigned username/passwd to pppoe credentials from the corresponding circuit. then i got only the Internet from there, while telephony is on the provider's modem.

I know its an attractive unit as i own one and its in use.

By default its setup as just a modem in bridge mode.

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