2 doc issues re WRT3200ACM instructions; 1 gotcha fyi (DNS for Manual Config)

Issue 1: The SHA256 checksums for all the stable WRT3200ACM images at
[Sorry -- I had to obfuscate the URLs as the forum doesn't let a new person post 3 links]
disagree with the checksums in
What I downloaded matched the values in the sha256sums file. (My suggestion is not to try to document the same info in two places. I'm left wondering which is right.)

Issue 2: The excellent instructions at
describe the firmware file for the initial flash to be "...factory.bin" but what I find for the WRT3200ACM is "...factory.img" instead. When you're doing this the first time, any thing not as documented is a worry.

FYI gotcha: Per described elsewhere, I thought I'd keep partition 1 as the original firmware in an unconfigured state. However, when I booted back to factory defaults & chose Manual Configuration, I wound up with a dark page for Eventually I tracked it down to my Mac's network config having DNS point to my company's DNS (rather than the DNS ( in the DHCP info from the router). For whatever reason, this doesn't work, so when the browser tried to go off site to get the javascript specified in the router's web page, the DNS didn't work. No javascript, no go. I just thought I'd mention this in case someone else runs into the dark web page and can't figure out why.

Just a friendly reminder: you can register on both wiki sites, and fix the mistakes yourself.

The filename varies a bit for different targets (ar71xx, ipq806x, mvebu, x86 etc.) The key part there is actually the "sysupgrade" and "factory", not the filename ending.