2.5G router + AP devices

I'm looking for router with at least 2 2.5G ports and 1 GbE, but more is always better.
My goal is to have 2 160hz wifi6 APs either connected using link aggregation or 2.5G ports to the router that is connected to ONT with 2.5G Ethernet port, also I have 1Gbps ethernet switch with few devices connected to the current router and last thing is I would like to have option for 1 device to be connected on 2.5G speed.

for the "cheap" options I found out:

  • NanoPi R5S - but that would need purchase of 2.5G switch or give up on wired connection.
  • ODROID-H3 + network board = 6 2.5 ports, but Intel
  • Zyxel armorg G5 - does not have openWRT support, but HW is there :smiley:

No idea for "APs" yet, but I thing devices with one 2.5G / link aggregation and 160hz wifi6 are quite common.

Any other devices worth looking at?

Maybe it is possible to use link aggregated 1gbps lines between switch and router and then use it again from 1gbps switch to multiple "APs"? But still would need router with at least 2 2.5G ports and 2 gbe ethernet ports

Check BPI-R3, the 2.5G ports are SFP. It's possible to plug a GPON ONU stick directly.

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That would be super nice solution, but stance of my ISP is that I can't use my own SFP stick instead of their optical to RJ45 device. I will try to ask the ISP again, maybe catch the main guy there in better mood. I think it is mostly so they co do remote diagnostics or whatever and not technical reason but i'm not sure.

Also ISP says 2000/2000 Mbit/s so I'm not even sure if it is gpon as all stuff I found is 2.5/1.25G

Also pretty likely it is not XGS-PON as that is for 10Gbit and do not have 10Gbit speed available to the general population :).

Same here but I got around it using this device Support MA5671A SFP GPON - #25 by anon23891239
Might not work fro everyone
You can also use a RJ45 SFP+ adapter