2.4 ghz radio support for Tp Link Archer A9 1900

Hi. I use archer a9 router for my Internet and I started using OpenWrt. I am using the snapshot version. But it looks like the 2.4ghz is not working. It doesn't show up in the wireless menu as well.

When will support for 2.4ghz band be given for the router? There's also an issue with WiFi, not sure if it's coz of the firmware or an configuration issue,my download speeds are below 100 Mbps on WiFi but upload speeds are perfect above 100 Mbps.

However if I use ethernet then the download and upload speeds are perfect.

When the radio's supported by the Linux kernel.
Which is the same answer as you received in OpenWrt not detecting 2.4Ghz radio [TP-Link A9 1900]

Do you know for a fact you client is capable of more, using wifi?

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Yes, I tested the WiFi speeds with stock firmware too. I got around 150 to 180 Mbps

Stock firmware uses hardware NAT, which is currently not supported on OpenWrt for your device.

Might be time to consider getting a different device.

With a 775 MHz CPU, your not going to get much more out of the A9 than you're getting now.

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Do you have any recommendations for a device that goes well with OpenWrt? I am trying to get a tp link brand device as other brands are prized way too higher in Indian market.

You might look through the list of supported 802.11ac routers -

There is only one TP-Link device (EAP615-Wall) that is currently supported for 802.11ax -

I think I am going to stick with A9. Possibly will switch back to Stock firmware if I really need to connect 2.4 ghz devices (usually my smart home devices). Hopefully there will be support for 2.4 ghz band soon for this model.

I was hoping there would be support for 2.5ghz on this device by now. Any updates I might have missed or support for 2.5 is not in the plans?