2,4 channel selection - multiple networks arounds

how can one choose proper 2.4g channel as there are so many 2.4 networks around? :frowning:

You want to select the a channel that shows the lowest signal strength from other neighboring APs. Channel 11 looks good in your situation.

Select 1, 6, or 11 -- don't use the ones between them.

@psherman hello,
i am currently using ch 5,

isnt 7 or 10 the best?

No, you should never use channels other than 1, 6, and 11. Those are the 3 non-overlapping channels. Any other channels will end up overlapping. 11 looks the best per your graph.

EDIT: I should have asked where you are in the world. I'm in the US, and so my answer was relevant for North America (US/CA, and I think Mexico, too).

@psherman by overlapping you mean?

ah i see, i am in Europe.

This article should help (see the 2.4GHz and the overlapping channels section/graphic):

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this is how the ping looks like .. from router to kindle fire gen7 - no operation on that device is executed.. ie no download, no traffic ...

That device is essentially a mobile device for all practical purposes, and as such it will often power down the radio for energy savings when it can, especially when there is little-to-no traffic happening on its radio. Therefore, that can increase the ping times while the radio is down and coming back up.

Try a notebook computer or a desktop with wifi and you should probably see more consistent results.

Or, conversely, ping from a mobile device to your router an you'll likely see numbers with less variability.

@psherman even its connected on charger , so in even in that case it will try to power off radio?

also here is one more - other location where moma2 is mine network.
So here it seems all 1,6,11 are occupied by other networks?

Yes. Try what I suggested.

In most regions, unless you are far away from neighbors, all channels will be occupied or at least have some interference/noise. You simply want to select the one that has the lowest relative values.

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what does that mean?

The lowest relative signal strength (from near by APs).

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so looking into the photo i posted... it seems to be channel 1?

The newer scan is different than the first scan. but yes, 1 looks fine in that case.

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yes these are 2 different locations.

optimize for where the router/AP is located. If you have multiple devices, run a scan at each location and choose different non-overlapping channels for each, doing the best you can to optimize against the scan results.

If you're working with a travel router or other such device, you can 1) put it on a channel and just don't worry about it, 2) use auto, or 3) perform a scan at each major location and optimize accordingly.

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yes thats why i took 2 scans, each scan - different location. I mean these are different locations in the house 1)dumb AP A, 2) dumb AP B

What is a dumb router? You mean dumb ap?

sorry - dump AP.