19.07 ddns entry?

Upgraded my Netgear R7800 from firmware 17.xx to 19.07. Checked the "do not keep" custom entries box. Probably a mistake! I thought I could find and re-enter my old settings but I was using Dynu DNS service and cannot find where to re-enter it in 19.07. I think there are probably other things which I'm missing too as I'm having connectivity problems within my LAN using ssh. I'm thinking of reloading my old 17.xx firmware and re-doing the update to 19.07 this time "keeping" my old settings. Good or Bad idea? If bad how do I re-enter my Dynu DNS service? And restore my Openwrt local nameserver settings?

It's advised not to keep settings when flashing over major releases. Start with a fresh 19.07.2 installation and configure it manually or at least create a small part of the configuration manually and if you see that it is the same as before copy the file over to the new device.
Regarding the dyndns, you most likely forgot to reinstall the appropriate package (luci-app-ddns) in order to enable the functionality. It will be under Services.

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Thx. I did forget to re-install "luci-app-ddns," so I did that. One error: * resolve_conffiles: Existing conffile /etc/config/ddns is different from the conffile in the new package. The new conffile will be placed at /etc/config/ddns-opkg. Not sure of the meaning.
Also, I do not see where to enter my Dynu service...in 17.xx when I clicked the box a drop down list appeared. Not seeing that, probably in the wrong place.

OK, found the Services > DNS entry. All seems good.

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