[19.07.5] How to configure igmpproxy - 0.2.1-4


For IPTV I need to configure igmpproxy.
What should the configuration file look like?
Now I get these errors (or won't start):

user.err igmpproxy[21157]: Unable to load config file...
igmpproxy[10312]: select() failure; Errno(4): Interrupted system call
user.warn igmpproxy[21157]: Unknown token 'verbose' in configfile
user.warn igmpproxy[7537]: Unknown token 'config' in configfile
config igmpproxy
        option quickleave 1
        option verbose 3

config phyint
        option network pppoe-wan
        option direction upstream
        list altnet

config phyint
        option network br-stb
        option direction downstream
        list altnet 192.x.y.0/24

Got it.
OpenWRT shows two interface names in GUI for one interface. Now used the name on top.

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