18.06 version of f2fs built with Raspberry Pi 3b+: Unable to save any settings

I found that I had some problems with the 18.06 version of f2fs built with Raspberry Pi 3b+. Unable to save any settings. As long as my device reboots. He will return to the default settings.
Thank you all.
Have you guys encountered this problem?

Likely that your overlay is too small, read-only, or otherwise not proper.

F2FS is not a "standard" overlay for OpenWrt (JFFS2, UBIFS, and ext4 are more common) and I doubt it is "auto-grown" by the core system.

You should also search on opinions about the robustness of F2FS here and elsewhere, before trusting data to F2FS.

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Problems with f2fs are known at the moment.

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I have tried ext4. He was stable at first, and then became read-only after a while.
thank you for your reply