18.06 on Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Thank you so much for uploading that. I tried your snapshot and it boots up alright but I have a bunch of random problems with it. root password doesn't work for SSH, crashes, problems saving config, wouldn't let me edit the bridged interface until I created a new interface and got management working on that then deleted the bridge.

I have got a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. I downloaded the image from the OpenWRT site. But I get only Rainbow screen. The Pi is not booting. What is the state of OpenWRT on Raspberry Pi B+ as on current date?

Thanks for the led patches! You should also backport reading the MAC address from the device tree, otherwise the interface gets a random address on every boot.

See some postings above:

I am new to OpenWRT. I dont know how to build OpenWRT.
If I use snapshot instead of 18.06.1, will it boot and run. I will try that.


Well that will make all the device have the exact same MAC which is not good.
I am waiting for OpenWrt to merge 4.19 kernel support so I can fully rework the RPi target to get rid of million of custom patches.
Currently its based on the RPi kernel and uses too much non upstream stuff.
Already did something similar for 4.14 but it required a lot of backporting from newer kernels.

No. It will just make sure that the device has the proper MAC address.
I don't know where the factory-programmed MAC is stored on the pi, but apparently the intended process is for the bootloader to retrieve it and write it out in the ethernet node of the DT, where it's picked up by the driver. The smsc95xx driver in the non-plus version works the same way.
With this patch the ethernet interface has the expected address (i.e. what you'd get when running Raspbian); without it the driver will fall back to a random address, which is OK in some scenarios but definitely not in others.
Anyway -- fine if you want to wait in order to consolidate things.

Ok, that makes sense.
Its already upstream so after switching to 4.19 it will work out of box.

It does not make sense to try and backport it now since the LED one is not merged after all this time.

Thanks to your build i have a working pi 3 b+ !
I only wish if you can update images with latest kernel, since i can't install various packages( like sqm ) due to this:
kernel (= 4.9.132-1-74a027c152325d3ebea553db0f0edef6)
while our kernel uses 4.9.128.

I tried snapshot builds but noone worked out of the box, i read about replacing start.elf but seems wifi is not working, while your builds do.


About which build are you talking about?

bcm2710 snapshot-r8089
the one @m4r posted and self builded.

edit: If you can, @m4r , it will be superuseful if you share your sources, so anyone can build it :man_mechanic:

I've tried the latest build r8313 and wifi is not working so I rebuild the old image and add the SDK,you can compile any packages from there bcm2710 snapshot-r8233

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Thank you!
I'll give it a shot.

So in latest images wifi is broken anyway...:sweat_smile:

@m4r The image r8233 is the only one which boots and has working wifi, thank you!
I am using RPI3B+ for some tricky wifi/network stuff and I need more modules on RPI3B+.
Is there any chance to have the source to build on my own?
If you could point at right time when OpenWrt got broken I would pull the sources right before it.
Thank you.

I think the last link @m4r posted contains all you need to build what you need, am i wrong?
I'm using last snapshot image and it's a life saver for who own a pi3 b+ :+1:

@vostap1 wifi got broken with the last mac80211 backports update. It needs new patches ,for now,as a workaround you can download the source from openwrt and locally replace the mac80211 backports with the olds ones,I placed them on my build snapshot-r8371

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Thank you @m4r, I will give it a try.
Update: I have built your driver with sources from "master" and everything I need is working.
Many thanks to @m4r

i have built with usb adapter and im supposed to get dhcp but couldn't brows.
and set eth0 to static
usb connected to wan
pi lan connected to pc
i can ssh only google dns

any thing to do with friwall or dns ?

Thanks @m4r; unfortunately, I didn't have luck building the latest snapshot on master with mac80211 reverted to just prior to the backports update. Your r8371 detected Wifi, but seemed to have other bugs, so I wanted to build the latest. Is there a place where the effort to get a stable 3B+ 18.06.1 build is being focused on other than this thread? I tried the issues database, but I couldn't find anything referencing these problems. Do we need a separate RPi branch to work out all these regression bugs? Am I in the wrong place?

@dgilmour77 there is other fix, read this post Brcmfmac failed on Pi3 and Pi Zero I'm testing it now