18.06.2, Google wifi mesh, odhcp, and DHCPv6-PD


I just added a three node Google Wifi to my LAN served by a Lynksys WRT3200ACM router running OpenWRT 18.06.2. Wifi on the router is turned off. The LAN is 192.168.1.x while the wifi mesh is on 192.168.86.x.

Therefore, all services provided by my LAN are not visible on the mesh subnet. AKA, the double NAT problem. The important service I need to share is the media server provided by minidlna.

IPv6 to the rescue, right?

First off, the primary google wifi node is attempting a DHCPv6-PD request, and it appears that it is being given an allocation of my site-local as fd1f:9132:b8c5:4::/62 with a DUID of 000100012478f2c130fd38eb85c6, yet the wifi device is not accepting and using it with no clear error description as to why.

Second, minidlna doesn't appear to be using IPv6. I might consider the BubbleSoft DLNA proxy on top of minidlna.

Third, I need a confirm that BubbleUPnP for Android with their server will talk over IPv6 with site-local addresses

What to do?

As far as I can tell, Google Wifi expects a global unicast, not a site-local even though it is a valid use case