10Gbit/s in OpenWrt


I'm currently testing the x86_64 version of openWRT.

So I have five wireless interfaces (Homelab), one of them is a new mPCIe card with Qualcomm 9984 and can deliver a theoretical data throughput of 3.4Gbit/s at 160Mhz channel bandwidth.

In my tests I never get beyond 1Gbit/s - this means that I reach the limit of the wired network card. Öö

I have a 10Gbit/s capable switch and my NAS as well as my computer connected with 10Gbit/s.

Are there compatible 10Gbit/s network cards for openWRT?
These should work with SFP+ if possible.


Can you specify in more detail on what you are trying to achieve and how is OpenWRT being used?

If I understand it correctly, you are basically using a PC with x86 OpenWRT as a dumb AP (with mutiple WiFi cards) and are getting low WiFi speeds?

Theoretical and factual speeds of WiFi differ a lot.

Several 10GigE devices already supported, if you look at the commits.

As much as I enjoy OpenWrt on resource-limited device, I've got to wonder why you're not using a server build of a major distro's x86_64 release.


Exactly, I have built an AP out of normal PC components - which I have been doing for years. :slight_smile:

So I have the possibility to test different systems.

anyway .. :slight_smile:

I will test the 10Gbit/s cards, which I already own.