10G Router/High End?

Is there any 10G Ethernet capable Router that OpenWRT supports?

I'd like to manage local network and have some containers inside .

If not any other suggestion accepted, it seems TL-WDR4900 is good for the price


What makes you believe that this eight year old router would do 10 GBit/s, it doesn't even have the ports to (theoretically) do so (let alone having a fighting chance to deliver in practice). While the SOC is not sluggish, it's rather exotic and has been plagued by growing kernel sizes vs the limited bootloader for a couple of years, apart from boring 802.11n/ wifi4 wireless.
tl;dr, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

10 GBit/s is firmly in the mid-end x86_64 team, the Marvell ARMADA A8040 series might be able to compete - but I'd still choose x86_64 for these requirements.


Not to mention the fact TP-Link officially calls it a dual band gigabit router, without even looking in the specs.

But for the original question? Are you sure you actually need a 10Gb router? If you can afford that ISP connection speed you have the money to buy a 10Gb device which will automatically be a 19” rack device. And then you need 10Gb switches and accesspoints and so on.
You can forget about finding a home wifi router for 10Gb.


In some European countries you could get actual home connections faster than 1Gbps (up to actual 10 gig in select cities in Poland or Switzerland) for pretty normal prices. Maybe OP lives there?

That's absolutely obvious :wink:

Same in .se, 10/10 gbit is 40€

What ISP have 10/10Gbit delivered to your home for 40€/month since the market price is about 60€/month for 1Gb in Sweden?

It’s is just the fact that this whole post feels more like a classic “I need the biggest fastest hardware I can find because it is cool” but the router actually suggested in the first place in the first message isn’t a 10Gbit device and the person is still satisfied with that hardware.
So either he doesn’t know what speed he have or what speed he needs and just take a chance and hopes it sounds nice?

But 10Gbit hardware will be very expensive if you doesn’t actually have 10Gbit/s speed.

So it's actually 35€.
You can renew at the same price for another 2y, when it expires.
1/1 is 30€, or used to be, might have dropped too.

That is not the exactly the prices I get on Bahnhof as of today but different parts of the country probably have some different prices.
But all these offers are Bahnhof seems to be 3months offers. What is the real prize you get for 10Gb after the “3months honeymoon offer” that is whats counts? Only kids that doesn’t pay their bills themself gets fooled by price offers like this.
For my address 1G/1G they sell for 40€/month for the first 3months then 80€/month…

Read what it sais, 24 mo contract, 35€/mo, no trial or any other bs deal/offer.

I punched in my home address, just now, before posting.

I've had 1/1 for 30€ for the past 3 years, renewed/extended last year, for another 2 years.

Now when they've lowered the 10/10, it's even more tempting ,)

@flygarn12 further info in swedish https://www.minhembio.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=298191&p=4490844

Sweden always had freaking awesome connections :smiley:

If I had access to a 10G connection, I wouldn't take it. Not at the prices required to upgrade my equipment to route/switch that speed today. If you have a 10G connection coming into a switch/router that can handle only 1G it's a huge bottleneck that will cause a lot of congestion and delay.

If I were an apartment building owner and wanted to provide multi-gigabit to the whole building, I'd definitely consider it, but then I'd be spreading the equipment cost around multiple tenants etc.

To make my current home network 10G would easily cost $2000 in equipment. (I'd need an x86 based router with dual 10G NIC, and have to replace my two business class 24 port switches with 10G compatible ones. Those switches alone would be $300-500 each). Plus run some cat6 around. All this for a few seconds a day where I'd be transferring speeds to the internet above 1G.


Plus it will all be 240v 50hz equipment since that is where the market is.....
But the good news is bloated 11 will make lots of cheap hardware to use for gateway/routers available since it wont run the POS.
3ghz 8 core intel chips with 32gig ram should keep up with a mere 10gig network traffic. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
My problem is figuring out how to fit the cooling fan inside my 1u firewall case with the guts fried by a lightning strike.
All 3 network jacks melted, but stopped it from going downstream to the switches. Literally blew the back off the DSL modem on it's way to my firewall. The pi fits inside it fine with no heat problems.

Actually, even if not rated for it, cat5e is capable of carrying 10G.
I've got cat5e everywhere in my house, and the equipment configures it self to run at 10G.

Cat5e is rated for 2.5 or 5G, never remember which one of them it is though.

Thats a result of a political government decision in the 90’ that everyone should have broadband to their home.
That sounds nice but we are not there yet, not in the countryside at least. But in cities and towns you can expect everyone to at least have 100/100Mbit as standard these days.

But the internet reputation has spread around the world so nowadays Facebook, Microsoft, Google and everyone puts their server building for Europe and western part of Asia in Sweden to get the stable fast internet connection and cooling of the hardware and cheep electricity.

That's exactly how everything works... Geez, it'll work just fine

...and for those who wonder, as with any residential connection it's only "guaranteed" to the gateway everything else is best effort. :slight_smile:
Bahnhof is a small ISP and they can pull "PR-stunts" because of it, I'm sure you'll get somewhat reasonable speeds compared to the claims using bredbandskollen.se (Swedish equivalent to dslreports) but they don't have anything near in peering to support that which is understandable given the price.


Pretty sure it works like that for most/all ISPs.

But I agree, it's not a working long term business model.

I'd be ok with 2 or 3Gbit for 35€ too.

If anyone's interested I can request an upgrade, and report back :slight_smile:

You have routing and switching equipment capable of 10 Gbit and have it connected via Cat5e cables and achieving 10 Gbit between the devices?
Haven't achieved that in our lab testing so far (unless on solid core cables which would be surprize me to be found in a consumer patching).

Overbooking does for sure occur, some do more than others though. Even looking at a very large carrier such as Telia (Telia Carrier) with their massive Tier 1 network sustaining 100Mbit to every customer is not possible. https://www.teliacarrier.com/our-network.html - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByT-PwjWhnI

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