Stubby DNS over TLS?

Hello, how do I set up my router to point to the DNS servers via DNS over TLS? I'm installing Stubby thru Luci packages page. Is there a page for stubby that I could access?



If you use the current stubby package it is already preconfigured to use the Cloudflare DNS servers. You won't have to do anything special.

All other options are explained in the readme linked above.

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Thank you. Didn't know that it was already preconfigured with Cloudflare DNS Servers. What's the best way for me to check the DNS connection?

Just go to

It will tell you if you are using the Cloudflare DNS servers or not and which type of encryption is used (DNS over TLS or DNS over HTTPS).

For now stubby only supports DNS over TLS. Support for DNS over HTTPS is planned for a future release as far as I know.