Topic: Help on 7.07 'Standard Router' style config for f*nera

I'm struggling with what I think is a reasonably standard sort of a configuration for my router - as it appears to be more popular to set these little boxes up as wireless bridges.

I currently have a cable modem - which assigns (or my isp assigns) an IP through to what ever device is sitting at the other end of the ethernet cable (at present a laptop).

What I ideally want is to put the f*nera between the two - but it doesn't seem to want to play, and my experiments result in not being able to access the unit at all.

So what do I need to do to:

1 - setup eth0 as a DHCPP assigned IP address
2 - seperate ath0/wifi0 from eth0 with a firewall
3 - setup DHCP server/dns server for connections on ath0/wifi0
4 - route packets between the two interfaces

At present I'm using export http_proxy='' to feed wget requests into a proxy on the laptop - it works... but it's ugly

All help greatly appreciated smile