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Re: Boot log - HG658c (HG658BZV Ver. A) with BCM63168 SoC

Hello, what about hg658v2.

needed other tool for decrypt config files.

i put here some files https://hg658c.wordpress.com/2015/03/17 … onfigtool/

Burlacu Cornel

Re: Boot log - HG658c (HG658BZV Ver. A) with BCM63168 SoC

Hi, if anyone interested, this is the pinout for the BCM63168 SoC

https://wiki.openwrt.org/_media/media/d … pinout.png

As we can see the pull down resistor to activate the SPI flash boot is at GPIO21. Therefore it should be a piece of cake to locate it by toggling this GPIO and looking for the point on the board that changes the state, i.e using the blink script
https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/hardware/p … ript_blink

Using a led (with a 200 ohm series resistor) or a voltimeter we can monitor the state of any pad on the board to locate the SPI/NAND boot strap.

This way we can solder an SPI flash chip with CFE at offset 0x0 to boot from it. The idea is to get rid of the NAND flash chip, and use an SPI flash, this way to load Openwrt should be possible. And as an extra, recovering a bricked board caused by a bad flashing on the NAND chip should be possible as well (assuming we added NAND flash support into the Openwrt firmware).


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Re: Boot log - HG658c (HG658BZV Ver. A) with BCM63168 SoC

did anyone get wrt running on their HG658 ?

as I am swapping ISP no longer need to keep my locked modem as backup ,

so if there's anything I should do with it before I brick it let me know

Product type    HG658 
Device ID    00E0FC-E7P7S15C07007766
Hardware version    HG658BZV VER.A
Software version    V100R001C216B015
Batch number    BC216P0.015.A2pv6F039e.d24a
MAC Address    48:DB:50:DC:3A:9F

Re: Boot log - HG658c (HG658BZV Ver. A) with BCM63168 SoC

Any update on this router and its' NAND chip? It's certainly special.