Topic: Whiterussian rc6

RC6 has been released; while this is mostly a bugfix release, it does represent the end of the whiterussian era.

whiterussian -> kamikaze -> buildroot-ng -> kamikaze

Whiterussian represents the original stable branch; around RC4 development shifted from keeping whiterussian up to date to building kamikaze into a release, and the whiterussian releases suffered. RC5 was released, but the original goals for whiterussian hadn't been met, so more releases of whiterussian were planned but got preempted by the rewrite kamikaze underwent with the "buildroot-ng" branch. Buildroot-ng revolutionized the build system used to compile kamikaze.

By now, the kamikaze and buildroot-ng branches were so far ahead of whiterussian that nobody really wanted another whiterussian release (broken build system with many obsolete packages), and there was talk of backporting kamikaze/buildroot-ng into whiterussian. Ultimately it was determined that this would take more effort than writing buildoor-ng in the first place. In other words, cut the losses, release one last whiterussian and switch over to kamikaze/buildroot-ng. We didn't want to wait so long that kamikaze would be basically cut and pasted into another group's firmware and released by someone else (long story).

Some RC6 changes worth noting:
- mini_fo
- timing fixes
- new diag driver for leds/buttons

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