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hello i have been playing with this all day and its driving me nuts , ive just gone out and brought a linksys wr1900acs , i have tried using the blabla@sky|password

string using openwrt , that isnt working i have tried sticking the LAN mac address from my sky q router in alao , i have tried ppoe i have tried ppoa i have tried dhcp client connect that wont have it ,  the current setup is as follows..

i have a openreach modem which is bt openreach echolife hg612  into a linksys wrt1900acs  , ive also tried using a hex converter on this forum to convert the blabla@sky|password into hex and put that into the client id field i have also reset the modem into bridge mode/ip the dsl light comes on and stays solid but i have also bridged my sky q router into WAN mode and it wont connect via the btopenreach modem , i dont know if the settings in the openreach modem are wrong which is that its pointing to  i just feel like ive brought this router for no reason.. what a waste of money , i dont know what else todo , i run servers and need a faster router on my network the skyq router is just so rubbish every 400 hours i have to restart it im getting fedup with it.. this is my last thing i can do... if anyone has any idea please help.. i can use the sky q router as a modem and connect the router upto that via the lan ports , but then i wont be able to route incomming to my servers as the skyq will have the public ip..

i have read verious forums and people have managed to get it working , ive followed all the steps it just dont seem to work , maybe the openreach modem is configed wrong i have opened it and have control panel access i have reset it to default...

someone help me asap...



Re: sky broadband help pls

Hi you need to flash the wrt1900 with LEDE 17.1.3 for a start mate pleas have a look here:
If you are using the old ver of OpenWRT 15.1 then your router would be full of bugs and holes. LEDE has a newer Linux Kernel, a dnsmasq update and better switch and wifi drivers. Put your sky router in to bridge moad and then let your router get a IP from it through DHCP. Thats how i get my vergin one to work anyway. I have a kable going from the wan port to a lan port on my Vergin hub. If you hub can be put in bridge moad then your wrt1900ac will do all the routing and firewalling. I hope this helps good luck.

Re: sky broadband help pls

Or you can try this build for your wrt1900ac
It is the build i run on my wrt3200acm.

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Yeah fair play
I still don't know why my linksys wrt1900acs. Won't connect tho. To the openreach modem I was hoping to use the openreach modem as the sky q router is rubbish... Ppl have managed to do it but Mine just don't wanna have it